Chibi Citizens

Chibi Citizens is a NFT collection in the Chibi Gaming Universe that will complement the core game economy by introducing features for earning and burning SHIN, our game’s utility token.
Following our initial Chibi Citizens release release, additional Generations of Citizens can be minted by spending SHIN tokens. The starting cost of minting an additional Citizen is currently earmarked at 9,900 SHIN, with pricing subject to change based on game balancing needs.
The Citizens
After each mint, collectors will receive a Citizen belonging to one of four classes:
  • Farmer (30% chance). Farmers can be staked to earn $SHIN and leveled up to mint Wood, Grain, and Stone.
  • Trader (30% chance). Traders can be staked to earn $SHIN and leveled up to mint Metal, Fabric, and Ink.
  • Craftsman (30% chance). Craftsmen can be staked to earn $SHIN and leveled up to craft Battle Item NFTs.
  • Soldier (10% chance). Soldiers can be staked to protect the other Citizens, but in return charges a 20% protection fee on all $SHIN earned from staking. Staked Soldiers also have a chance to confiscate Resources minted by Farmers and Traders.
All Citizens can be staked from the Chibi Citizens Staking page.
Farmers, Craftsmen, and Traders are all considered to be Worker Class Citizens. Worker Class Citizens contribute to the economy of Shintidi through staking, generating a base yield of 100 SHIN/day; however, 20% of this yield will be paid to Soldiers as a “protection fee” in these new lands, and 10% will be paid to Chibi Legends as a tribute to their leadership and bravery.
In addition, each Worker Class has a unique ability for minting Resources or crafting Items once they reach their max level:
  • Resources will be a new class of ERC-1155 NFTs which can be burned to craft Items (and maybe other future utilization). To mint Resources, collectors will have to own the required max level Farmer or Trader and burn the required amount of SHIN.
  • Items will be a new class of ERC-721 NFTs which will have direct utility in the Chibi Clash auto-battler game (and maybe other future utilization). To craft Items, collectors will have to own the required max level Craftsman and burn the required Resources for the Item.
The exact SHIN cost for each Resource and requirements for each Item will be shared shortly before the release of the Resource minting feature.
Soldiers help protect the Workers from any danger that may arise in the foreign lands, but in return for their work, staked soldiers earn 20% of all yield generated by the Workers.
In addition to their income earned from staking, Soldiers have a 10% chance of confiscating any new Resources minted by Farmers or Traders!
All Citizens will have 48 hour lock period before they can be unstaked.
Leveling Up
All Chibi Citizens gain experience with each day that they are staked. Workers will be able to generate more SHIN from staking up to a maximum level of 5. Upon reaching their max level, Workers can also be utilized to mint Resources and Craft items. The level up requirements and corresponding SHIN yields are as follows:
  • Level 1: 100 SHIN/day. 10 days cumulative staking to reach Level 2.
  • Level 2: 125 SHIN/day. 30 days cumulative staking to reach Level 3.
  • Level 3: 150 SHIN/day. 60 days cumulative staking to reach Level 4.
  • Level 4: 175 SHIN/day. 100 days cumulative staking to reach Level 5.
  • Level 5: 200 SHIN/day, Resource and Item minting/crafting unlocked.
While Soldiers do not earn additional yield from leveling up, their chances for confiscating Resource mints increase with each level. The exact breakdown of this percentage along with details on Resources and Items will be shared shortly before the release of the Resource minting feature.
Tribute Payment to Genesis Chibi Legends
As briefly mentioned above, 10% of all SHIN generated by Workers will be sent to our Legend Treasury, and periodically be distributed to the wallets of our 5,555 Genesis Chibi Legend holders! Unlike Soldiers that will have to be staked, Chibi Legends holders will be airdropped their SHIN earnings - meaning that holders won’t have to do anything to earn this SHIN bonus! Only the holders of the original Chibi Legend collection will receive this benefit (meaning future Legends minted via recruitment will not receive this bonus reward). The exact breakdown of the timing and distribution of the tribute airdrops will be shared at a later time. Genesis Chibi Legends are available for purchase from the secondary market on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/chibi-clash​
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