Just like in a real kingdom, Ranks in Chibi Clash signify the power and influence a player wields over the realm. These ranks are not only a badge of honor but also play a critical role in determining your rewards and influence in upcoming airdrops.

Ranks in Chibi Clash Kingdom are determined by a combination of three key factors:

  • Kingdom Points: Your active engagement within the Kingdom. These points are accumulated through your participation in various activities, reflecting your time, energy, and resources invested in the game.

  • Land Score: A measure of your land holdings within the Kingdom, taking into account both the quantity and quality of the land you own. This score positions you as a Warlord and a crucial stakeholder of our realm.

  • Legacy Score: A tribute to your longstanding support, measured by your holdings from our legacy NFT collections, including Chibi Legends, Chibi Citizens, and Legendary Seals. As we transition into the Kingdoms era on Base, our legacy Chibis have settled down in the Kingdom awaiting to be called to action! Designed to recognize and reward those who have supported this project since its beginnings, the Legacy Score is calculated through earning Badges from our Hall of Badges on your Profile Page.

The full breakdown of each Rank and its corresponding requirements are as follows:

Legend (10x Kingdom Points): A rank of unmatched prestige and unparalleled influence, the Legend rank is a paragon of power and prosperity, reserved for those who have truly mastered every aspect of the Kingdom.

  • Requirements: 1000+ Land Score PLUS 10,000+ Legacy Points PLUS 10,000+ Kingdom Points earned

Hero (5x Kingdom Points): Celebrated for formidable prowess and noble deeds, Heroes are renowned across the realm for their significant contributions and valorous achievements.

  • Requirements: 500+ Land Score PLUS 5,000+ Legacy Points PLUS 5,000+ Kingdom Points earned

Commander (3x Kingdom Points): With a strategic mind and authoritative presence, Commanders hold sway over large swathes of the Kingdom, guiding their followers with wisdom and strength.

  • Requirements: 300+ Land Score OR 3,000+ Legacy Points PLUS 3,000+ Kingdom Points earned

Warrior (2x Kingdom Points): Known for their courage and relentless pursuit of honor, Warriors uphold the realm's safety and are respected for their combat skills and steadfast bravery.

  • Requirements: 150+ Land Score OR 1,500+ Legacy Points PLUS 1,500+ Kingdom Points earned

Citizen (1x Kingdom Points): Essential to the Kingdom's vitality, Citizens form the foundation of the realm, actively participating in its growth and sustainability through diligent daily efforts.

  • Requirements: 100+ Land Score OR 1,000+ Legacy Points OR 1,000+ Kingdom Points earned

Nomad (No Airdrops): As the wandering spirits of the realm, Nomads are yet to find their permanent place within the Kingdom's borders, often exploring and surviving on the fringes of society.

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