Core Team
The team behind Chibi Clash consists of gaming industry veterans and entrepreneurs with a track record of developing game applications and platforms played by millions.
Wago (CEO) | Twitter | LinkedIn
Mobile games executive producer, NFT collector and serial entrepreneur, previously CEO @PiiK Games (exited), alumni at Zynga and InMobi.
Bongusagi (VP Engineering) | LinkedIn
10+ years experience working on enterprise applications and building solutions for startups, specialized in AWS, Azure
Chiyeuk (VP Marketing) | Twitter | LinkedIn
10+ years in gaming and esports with track record leading marketing and partnerships.
Don (Executive Art Director) | LinkedIn
Executive Art Director with 12+ years experience with games studios including Bandai Namco, EA and King.
Shirai91 (Senior Software Engineer) | LinkedIn
6+ years experience developing marketplace platforms, tools/scripts, and other apps.
Thieu (Senior Software Engineer) | Twitter | LinkedIn
12+ years experience developing enterprise platforms.
DarLypa (Project Manager) | LinkedIn
7+ experience working for leading esports organization Natus Vincere and launched ICOs with previous companies.
ItzBolt (Community Manager) |LinkedIn
10+ years in gaming and esports with a focus on competing, coaching and content creation.
Razec (Software Engineer) | LinkedIn
Technical Game Designer with profound expertise in C++, C#, and pure C programming languages
Noealz (Project Manager) | LinkedIn
Background in Instructional design with 12+ years of experience with mixed media.
Chels (Product Manager) | LinkedIn
Senior Product Manager with 7+ years of experience in game development and mobile applications
Gavin (Software Engineer) | LinkedIn
6+ years of experience in game development & design & optimization.
Vortex (Software Engineer) | Twitter | LinkedIn
Passionate and experienced game developer who wants to create games that are innovative, immersive, and impactful.
KatRopa (Marketing Manager) | Twitter | LinkedIn
Significant expertise in Marketing and Community Building for both web 2 and web 3, a KOL, content creator, and an enthusiastic gamer.
Aniimuwu (Communications Lead) | Twitter | LinkedIn
2+ years of Internal Communication & Marketing Experience, 6+ years in Client Experience: administration and logistics, mixed in with a passion for gaming.