Throughout the world of Chibi Clash, you will encounter a diverse cast of characters that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. From fierce warriors to cunning rogues, Chibi Clash is full of interesting characters, each with their own unique backstory and abilities. New characters are being introduced over time as the world continues to expand and develop! Lu Bu

A formidable warrior hailing from the legendary era of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu has mysteriously found himself in the enchanted realm of Shintidi. Known for his unparalleled martial prowess and indomitable spirit, Lu Bu now stands as a champion for the citizens of this mystical land. With his iconic halberd, the mighty Sky Piercer, in hand, he fearlessly confronts any aggressors who dare to threaten the peace and harmony of Shintidi. As he navigates this unfamiliar world, Lu Bu's unwavering sense of honor and loyalty to his newfound allies shines through, earning him the respect and admiration of both the native inhabitants and the Legendary Warriors who have joined him on this epic journey.

Diao Chan

A captivating sorceress with a mysterious past, Diao Chan is another enigmatic figure from the Three Kingdoms era who has been transported to the magical realm of Shintidi. Blessed with an ethereal beauty and an innate ability to manipulate the mystical energies of this new world, Diao Chan has become a powerful ally in the defense of Shintidi. Her enchanting presence and mastery chaos that seek to disrupt the delicate balance of this extraordinary land. As she weaves her spells and charms, Diao Chan's unwavering commitment to the protection of Shintidi and its people has solidified her place among the Legendary Warriors, forging a bond that transcends space and time.


A legendary anthropomorphic warrior, Chitu is a native inhabitant and defender of the mystical land called Shintidi. Though few know the truth, Chitu is actually the reincarnation of Lu Bu's famous horse, Red Hare, from the Three Kingdoms era. As an ally to the mighty warriors known as Chibi Legends, who have mysteriously entered Shintidi through the gateway, Chitu stands as a stalwart defender of this enchanted realm. With his keen senses and lightning-fast reflexes, he is a formidable opponent to any who would threaten the peace and prosperity of Shintidi. As he fights alongside his new allies, Chitu's unwavering loyalty and unbreakable spirit have earned him a place among the Legendary Warriors, cementing his legacy as a true hero of this mystical land.

Other Characters More characters from the world of Shintidi will be introduced as our Kingdom continues to expand!

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