Land Gameplay

Land Gameplay

Each plot of land within the Kingdom map starts at Tier 1, providing a foundational slate for growth and specialization based on four crucial stats. As the meta game progresses and new features are introduced, the utility of these stats will expand, unlocking additional functionalities and access to exclusive features:

  • Fertility Points: Represents the agricultural productivity and general health of the land. Higher fertility increases the effectiveness of farming actions, yielding more crops and resources.

  • Wealth Points: Indicates the presence of valuable resources like minerals and gems, crucial for trading and crafting. Richer plots can significantly boost your kingdom's economy.

  • Defense Points: Reflects the land’s strategic defensive value, making some plots naturally better suited for fortifications or military bases.

  • Prestige Points: Measures the cultural and historical significance of the plot, affecting the prestige of your kingdom and your influence within the game.

Dynamic Actions and Interactions

All players are allocated a maximum of 6 action points, replenishing every 4 hours, to use across various activities on the Kingdom Map. This season introduces two primary actions:

  • Farm: Players can invest action points to plant and harvest crops. This not only contributes to XP gains but also increases Kingdom Points, enhancing your kingdom’s wealth and food security.

  • Explore: This action allows players to discover what lies within any land plot. Using points to explore can reveal hidden treasures, power-ups, or random encounters with one of the five Oracles. The exploration results are consistent for all players at the same coordinates, fostering a community-driven exploration experience where players are encouraged to share discoveries. Each plot is explorable once per day, with locations resetting daily to keep the adventure fresh.

Encounters with the Five Oracles

The Five Oracles of Shintidi play a pivotal role in the Kingdoms meta game. These Oracles are not just passive characters; they are autonomous agents that remember interactions, offer unique quests, and provide challenges that can significantly influence your strategic decisions:

  • Rare and Impactful Encounters: With only five Oracles spread across 2496 land plots, encountering an Oracle is a rare event that can have profound long-term impacts on your kingdom’s development and your personal reputation within the realm.

  • Persistent Relationships: Oracles remember their past encounters with you, allowing for a dynamic relationship that evolves over time. Your actions and choices during these encounters can lead to lasting impressions, either bolstering your standing with the Oracles or potentially causing future complications.

These interactions are designed to be meaningful and consequential, offering a layer of depth and complexity to the gameplay that encourages strategic thinking and planning.

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