Our roadmap serves as a guidance for our project while we continue to adapt to the evolution of the web3 industry and related technologies. While our roadmap items may change from time to time, our destination towards building a leading web3 gaming universe will always remain the same!
Q4 2021 - The Missions Commence
  • NFT Migration to Polygon
  • Legendary Seal Exchange
Q1 2022 - The Rise of Citizens
  • Chibi Citizens Mint
  • Chibi Citizen Staking Gameplay
  • $SHIN Utility Token
Q2 2022 - The Taste of Battle
  • Pre-Alpha Release of Chibi Clash Auto Battler
  • Lucky Token
Q3 2022 - The Road to Riches
  • Alpha Release of Chibi Clash Auto Battler
  • Items Crafting
  • $CLASH Governance Token
Q4 2022 - The Birth of Kingdoms
  • Beta/Full Release of Chibi Clash Auto Battler
  • Chibi Clash Play-to-Own Tournaments
  • Chibi Clash Marketplace
  • Unveiling of Chibi Clash Phase 2.0