Legend Badges are our tribute to the initial supporters of Chibi Clash, celebrating the journey we've shared and the milestones we've achieved together. These badges are not just tokens of appreciation; they are a testament to the loyalty and dedication of our community.

  • Earning Criteria: Legend Badges can be acquired by meeting specific ownership criteria related to our Polygon NFT collection. The rarity of these badges varies, with some being more elusive than others.

  • Points System: Associated with each badge are points that collectors can accumulate. These points play a crucial role in an upcoming airdrop campaign, adding another layer of value to the badges.

  • Snapshot and Lock-in: We will announce a snapshot date to finalize the points for the airdrop. Until this date, collectors have the opportunity to trade NFTs to earn or upgrade their badges. It's worth noting that badges could be lost if NFTs are sold or transferred, adding a strategic element to badge collection.

NFT Holders are now able to see what badges that have earned (and how many points they have accumulated) by logging into the Chibi Clash website and entering the Badge page.

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