Land Ownership

Kingdoms land ownership places the core of our gaming ecosystem directly in the hands of our players. As landowners, players can reap substantial rewards as the game's ecosystem grows. These include regular emissions of Kingdom Points and other rewards through our Kingdom leaderboard. Details on Kingdom Lands:.

  • NFT Smart Contract: Land plots will be represented by a custom-developed NFT smart contract, fully integrated into the Kingdom gameplay. This ensures that all transactions are secure and verifiable.

  • Base Ecosystem: After careful evaluation, we have chosen Base as our ecosystem for Kingdom NFTs. This platform best supports our vision for an on-chain gaming experience, offering scalability, security, and community engagement.

Land Upgrade and Purchases

  • Market Dynamics: After a Protection Period, all land plots will be made available for purchase or upgrade by their owner at double the previous price, fostering a dynamic and evolving market within the game. Each subsequent land purchase/upgrade will activate a 15 minute cooldown before land plots are automatically listed for sale/upgrade again.

  • Revenue from Sales: When a land plot is sold, the previous owner receives 80% of the sale price, incentivizing investment and development of the land.

  • Purchase Rewards: For each purchase or upgrade of land up to Tier 5, players will receive 1000 Kingdom Points.

Once a land plot reaches Tier 5 (max level), the land plot owner will unlock the following benefits:

  • Full control over its listing price and sale timing.

  • A reduced NFT royalty rate of 5%.

  • The ability to freely transfer land plot NFTs across wallets

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