Earning Kingdom Points

Players can earn Kingdom Points through various activities that reflect their strategic decision-making and active participation within the game. This multifaceted approach ensures that all areas of player engagement are recognized and rewarded:

  • Challenges: Tailored challenges that reward players for their engagement within the Kingdom. These challenges are designed to suit different play styles and strategic approaches, including accomplishing milestones in Survivor game, participating in activities on Kingdom land plots, and engaging with the Chibi Clash social media account

  • Kingdom Activities: Farm and explore lands each day to earn extra Kingdom Points!

  • Recruitment Bonus: Encourage the growth of our community by recruiting allies to your Kingdom. Using your referral link, any allies you bring into the game will not only boost your Kingdom Points by +10% of what your allies earn during the season but will also provide your allies with a 2x Kingdom Points boost for their first week.

  • Leaderboard Competitions: Players can earn additional Kingdom Points by ranking on seasonal leaderboards as Top Kingdoms or Top Players in the Survivor game.

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