Chibi Clash Kingdoms

Note: Gameplay Design has not been finalized and is subject to change

At the heart of the Chibi Clash universe lies the Kingdom metagame, a vast and vibrant world brought to life by Artemis, an advanced generative AI game world-building engine that transcends traditional boundaries, enabling the dynamic transformation and evolution of the land. Starting with 2496individual land plots forming a 50x50 grid, Kingdoms will be the largest cohesive game map ever generated by AI.

Players will be able to own their own transformative piece of Shintidi and engage in activities such as farming and exploring via action points; investing points in planting and harvesting crops boosts XP gains and Kingdom Points, and Exploring, which unveils hidden treasures, power-ups, or encounters with the Five Oracles

These Oracles, pivotal in the Kingdoms meta game, remember interactions, offer unique quests, and present challenges influencing strategic decisions, shaping both kingdom development and personal reputation. Persistent relationships evolve over time based on past encounters, offering meaningful and consequential gameplay encouraging strategic planning.

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