Clash/Hero (Est. July 2024)

Note: Gameplay Design has not been finalized and is subject to change

Clash/Hero is an innovative backpack autobattler game optimized for mobile gaming. Set in a dynamic universe, players dive into thrilling battles where strategic item management is key. Through skillful utilization and combination of various items found in their inventory, players empower their Hero to take on opponents in asynchronous combat. As players progress, they enhance their Hero's capabilities, evolving their strategic prowess and competitive edge. Clash/Hero introduces the play-to-keep (P2K) mechanic, a revolutionary concept where players can forge in-game items earned through battle into permanent NFT versions. Clash/Hero will serve as a gateway for non-crypto native gamers into the web3 gaming ecosystem. Through an intuitive onboarding process, Clash/Hero aim to demystify the world of on-chain items, showcasing their inherent value and utility, attracting a broader audience to the exciting possibilities of web3 gaming.

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