Note: Gameplay Design has not been finalized and is subject to change
Match is the main game mode of Chibi Clash, where a player's goal is to achieve victory by winning 10 Battles before their Morale reaches 0.
Each Match consists of a number of Rounds, which in turn consists of the Recruit and Battle Phase.
Prior to a Match, Players can also select up to 3 Item NFTs from the Main Menu that will be added to the Items draft pool.


Players start with 10 Morale at the beginning of each Match. After each Recruit Phase, players will be randomly matched up against another random opponent in the Battle Phase, with Troops activating abilities and attack one another until one or both sides are defeated. Battles can end with 1 of 3 outcomes:
  • Victory: Player earns 1 Trophy
  • Draw: Nothing happens; player moves onto next Round
  • Defeat: Player loses Morale corresponding to their current Tier (1, 2, or 3)
After each Battle, players move onto the next Round and return to the Recruit phase, where players can progressively recruit and upgrade their troops to strengthen them for the next battle. As the Match proceeds, new Tiers will be unlocked, unlocking more powerful Troops and Items that can be recruited/bought as well as Weapon upgrades. Tiers unlock during the Match as follows:
Tier Unlocked
A Match ends when the player either wins 10 Battles or has their morale reduced to 0.


Upon entering a Match, players can choose from one of three random Weapons. Each Weapon has its unique passive buffs that will enhance the ability of their troops. During a Match, Weapons can be upgraded to Level 2 once a player unlocks Tier 2 Troops and Items.
Chibi Legend NFT holders will be able to choose from one of four random Weapons. If the player owns a Chibi Legend with the corresponding Weapons trait, that Weapon can be further upgrade to Level 3 once a player unlocks Tier 3 Troops and Items

Recruit Phase

At the beginning of each Recruit phase, players will have 10 Gold to spend on the following:
  • Recruiting Troops (3 Gold)
  • Upgrading Troops with Items (3 Gold)
  • Reroll Troops and Items list (1 Gold)
  • Upgrading Weapon (2 Gold)
Unless affected by another ability, players will always begin each Recruit phase with 10 Gold; any Gold unspent at the end of the Recruit phase will be lost.
To Recruit a Troop, drag the Troop from the Recruit area to the Battle Formation area. Duplicate Troops can be combined by dragging one troop on top of the other.
To Upgrade a Troop with an item, drag the Item from the Items area onto the Troop you wish to upgrade.
Players can also sell Troops that they have already recruited for extra Gold. To sell a Troop, players simply need to drag the Troop to the Sell area of the screen. Gold received for selling troops corresponds to the Troop's Level: a Level 1 Troop can sell for 1 Gold, a Level 2 Troop can sell for 2 Gold, and a Level 3 Troop can sell for 3 Gold.
The Battle Formation is where players can drag and place their Troops in their order of attack. The Troop placed on slot 1 will attack first in battle, followed by slot 2, then slot 3, and so forth. Players can bring up to 5 Troops to each Battle.
As matchmaking is asynchronous, there is no time limit on how long a player can spend in Recruit phase. When a player is ready to enter Battle, they simply need to click on the Battle button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Battle Phase

Entering the Battle Phase, players will be able to see their opponent and their Battle Formation.
At the start of the Battle, any skill and abilities that are set to activate at Start of Battle will be applied to their respective Troop(s).
Next, any Weapon abilities with activation at start of Battle with activate.

The Battle

Troops will simultaneously attack one another based on the formation’s attack order. Once a Troop is defeated in battle (Health reduced to 0), the next troop in the formation will enter battle until one of both sides have no more Troops available.