We designed our centralized gaming projects to incorporate the revolutionary concept of Play-to-Keep (P2K) gaming. At its core, P2K is about creating a fun and engaging gameplay experience while introducing the concept of digital asset ownership. By allowing players to permanently keep the assets they earn from the game, we are providing an organic and sustainable growth trajectory for the blockchain gaming industry.
Our approach to P2K is centered around creating games that prioritize fun, accessibility, and replayability. One of the key benefits of P2K is that we can reward players with assets they can truly own while they are exploring our game, allowing them to embrace digital asset ownership at their own pace without missing out on the gameplay. By attracting a diverse audience of gamers who may not initially be interested in blockchain technology or digital asset ownership, we can gradually introduce the concept of digital asset ownership and the benefits of participating in a decentralized ecosystem.
Chibi Clash will be one of the first gaming projects to partner with the Unity Astra platform, enabling digital ownership by allowing players to create permanent, tradeable versions of their in-game items. Through Chibi Clash's play-to-keep game mechanic, players will be able to mint, distribute, and trade assets on supported centralized or decentralized networks.