During the Recruit Phase of Match, Troops can be hired to added to your Battle Formation by spending Gold. Each Troop costs 3 Gold to Recruit.
Each Troop has its unique Properties (see below), and belong to a Tier which determine their stat and ability level. Troops from higher Tiers can not be recruited until that Tier is unlocked during the latter stages of the Match:
Troop Tier

Troop Properties

Damage: Base amount of damage they deal on attacks and abilities.
Health: When it reaches zero, the troop dies and trigger any effect that is On Death.
Skill: Each Troop has an unique Skill that will activate either immediately after being Recruited or once certain conditions are met. Skill types include:
  • Faint - Skill activates once when Troop is defeated in Battle
  • Level-up - Skill activates when Troop increases 1 Level
  • Troop Recruited - Skill activates each time a Troop is Recruited
  • Sell - Skill activates when Troop is Sold
  • Troop Ahead Attacks - Skill activates each time when Troop immediate in front of formation attacks during Battle
  • Start of Battle - Skill activates once at the beginning of each Battle
  • Before Attack - Skill activates each time before the Troop attacks in Battle
  • Hurt - Skill activates each time Troop receive damage in Battle without Fainting
  • End Turn - Skill activates once at the end of each Recruitment phase

Troop Upgrading/Level Up

Troop Upgrading allows players to strengthen their recruited Troops by combining them with duplicates. To upgrade a Troop, players simply need to drag-and-drop one duplicate Troop on top of the other, whether they are directly from the Draft Pool or the Formation. An upgraded Troop will receive a minor increase both its Attack and Health.
With enough upgrades, Troops can also Level Up, benefitting from both a Skill upgrade as well as a stats increase. A troop will need to have been upgraded twice (3x same Troop) to reach Level 2, and upgrade 5 times (6x same Troop) to reach Level 3. Alternatively, two Level 2 troops can be combined to form a Level 3 Troop.
Additionally, a Troop from the next higher Tier (or max Tier) will be randomly added to the Draft Pool when a Troop is Leveled Up.
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