Value Proposition

REPLAYABILITY With gameplay that is easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master and with variance in abilities and playing styles, each match feels different from the last and will leave players craving for more.
PLAY-TO-OWN Players are incentivized to bring their best to every match in hopes to earn resources to unlock in-game and NFT items and move up in ELO.
LONGEVITY Through the introduction of new items, troops and ongoing balance changes, Chibi Clash is built to stand the test of time and to keep players entertained for years to come.
CHIBI IP Featuring original art, character design and stories, players and collectors alike will feel immersed in the world of Chibi Clash.


Chibi Clash will be the leading play-to-own auto battler game appealing both to traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike .


  • Players will find the auto battler core gameplay experience fun with high replayability
  • Players and collectors will love the Maple Story-esque Chibi art style and Three Kingdoms theme
  • Play-to-own gaming is still in its infancy and will grow exponentially over the coming years