Weapons List

Note: Weapons list below is only for the pre-alpha version and may undergo significant changes in future updates
Deals (1/2/3) damage to two random Troops at start of Battle
Long Sword
Give one random Troop (+1/+1 / +1/+2 / +2/+2) at the end of each Recruit Phase
Random Troop deals (5/10/15) more damage with first attack next battle
Deals (2/4/6) damage to a random Troop at start of Battle
Sword & Shield
Random Troop takes (5/10/15) less damage from one attack next battle
Gain (1/2/3) extra Gold at start of turn
Pole Blade
Reduce the HP of random enemy Troop by (25/50/75)%
Give a random troop (+1/+2/+3) health each time you sell a Troop
Crescent Blade
Summon a random Level 1 (Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3) Troop after your first Troop has been defeated
First Troop that is defeated in next battle instantly revives with (1/25/50)% attack and health
  • Each Weapon has 3 Levels, indicated by its weapon color (bronze/silver/gold)
  • Weapons can be Leveled Up to Level 2 once player reaches Tier 2
  • Weapons can be Leveled Up to Level 3 once player reached Tier 3 AND if they own the Chibi Clash NFT with the corresponding weapon trait. For example, if the Player owns a Chibi Legend with Bow trait and is using Bow for battle, the Tier 3 skill (Deals 3 damage to two random troops) can be unlocked
  • Each Level Up costs 2 Gold; there will be a Weapons icon button on the bottom of the screen during the Recruitment phase where players can see what weapon they are currently using, whether it can be leveled up and the cost for level up
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