$CLASH - ERC20 - Governance Token
As the officially governance token, $CLASH will be the key for driving the development of the Chibi Clash gaming universe. Holders will have voting rights on proposals for the future development of the gaming universe, and can stake it to receive rewards. $CLASH will also be the accepted currency for future NFTs in the Chibi Clash Marketplace.
$SHIN - ERC20 - Recruiting and Upgrade Currency
The in-game currency token $SHIN is an ERC20 token that players can earn through various means, including:
  • Play-to-earn rewards from Chibi Clash Auto Battler game
  • Staking Chibi Citizen NFTs
  • Tribute payments to Chibi Legends
This utility token is uncapped to support the growth of the game. The $SHIN will have utility for numerous activities such as minting Chibi Citizens and Resources, and is burnt permanently and removed from the supply, limiting inflation.